ChattaCon and then some

We are proud to say that despite the silence? We are hard at work. Unfortunately, no one has killed one another yet, making the set a relatively fun and creative environment instead of a much more entertaining Battle Royale of gossip, intrigue, and murder.

On that note, updates!

We recently stopped by ChattaCon for some film promotions, and to connect with our DigiTribe neighbors in ATL. We had a bit of a schedule mix-up, which resulted in the gang posting panel posters whilst in a beer-induced state. Well, all but Hunter. He was the designated… whatever the designated version of that would be.

Lisa, then, promptly turned into a zombie and ate Dave's brains.


This, however, did not hinder our panel. Arthur emerged in full Professor M regalia, and Hunter spoke at length with some excellent cabin footage in tow. We later met up with Emilie Bush from Steampunk Chronicle¬†for an interview on the state of the film, and whatever else manifested in our frontal lobes at that moment. We were all crammed on one couch, and now Hunter is pregnant, we just don’t know by whom.

Our guess is Arthur.

Before such a weekend, we squared our heroes off against a larger than life foe. Re-entering a familiar studio space was excellent. The intricacies of a fight sequence can be demanding, but the pay-off is getting to see the fight scene unfold, the likes of which a lot of us on EoD fell in love with when we were little and in awe of how Indiana Jones was going to get out of his latest mess.

This would not be the way.

And even before that, we converted our friend Chuck‘s studio apartment into the Professor’s lab. There is location shooting, and then there is set building. Since we are working out-of-pocket for this film, we were delightfully surprised to find that building the set saved us more money than if we had shot on location at Sloss Furnaces. If you have the means, if you have the tools, and if you have the space? Build the set. This has worked for us time and time again.

We do still plan on shooting within the rusty bowls of the furnace, but more on that later.

More to come down the road!


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