What We’ve Been Up To…

An independent film-maker’s work is never done. No, really, it’s never done, because pre-production eventually bleeds into shooting, and once shooting wraps, there’s all kinds of editing and more layers within that thanĀ Inception would know what to do with.

But EoD has been going through a lot.

The first cabin sequence has been shot out.

It may look like a sunny day turned wrong, but it is in fact way past everyone's bedtime as we shoot night for day in this first sequence.

Followed by the second, shot within the confines of Hunter’s basement.

Editing and post-production on the first sequence has only a little fine-tuning left before we have our hand at Kickstarter, which if you haven’t gathered from previous posts could be, in a word, nightmarish.

But also full of beer nuts, so not so bad.

The most recent shoot had the team back in Phil’s basement, tackling the office scene.


At the end of the day we all agree that Thai‘s new look could not get better than this:

Too. True.

More updates coming!

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