New Hat On Its Way

After frenzied negotiations with Amazon, UPS and Doug’s Rugs N Stuff (who is a really, really nice guy) a new hat is en route. When it will arrive, I cannot say. All I can say is that Doug is worth repeat business because he was willing to just ship a new hat never having been reimbursed for the original hat. UPS has been unusually silent on the matter of the chapeau massacre. Suffice to say that Doug came through, he is shipping the new topper right now and you could all do him a favor by checking out his wears:


Mustaches…well that’s another story.

4 Responses to “New Hat On Its Way”

  1. avatar dwoods says:

    Well it’s about time, son! It’s raining today! You know what happens to my head when it rains, and I don’t have a hat? That’s right, wet hair! The things I put up with…

    And grow your own dang facial hair! Mine may not be pretty, but at least it doesn’t have to be shipped or glued. I am tired of tasting soup two hours after I eat it, though.

  2. avatar hcressall says:

    @Biscuit Burrito

    You and your wine racks. I must admit, you have good taste in wine racks. I like the one you already own…I’ve told everyone I know how much I love your rack.


  3. avatar Stacked Burrito says:

    So that’s how I got the part! Noted 😉

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