11 Responses to “Something New!”

    • avatar dwoods says:

      Stop making frowny faces and get me a hat! My head is cold, and the sunlight is damaging to my golden locks.

      Also, I counter Schemefunk with…Meanjunk. A new subgenre in which people dress up in angry salvage. Set perhaps in 1970’s America. I’m coming to join ya…Victoria!?…nah.

  1. avatar Biscuit says:

    Does Schemefunk involved wringing one’s hands deviously and twirling mustaches??

  2. avatar bpace says:

    Schemefunk is a carefully arranged and systematic plan of action for attaining a musty odor, such as moldy tobacco or Hunter’s room. If you can’t make a movie out of that, then perhaps, you should consider putting down the camera and STEEPING BACK!

  3. avatar bpace says:

    And, I meant to stay “steeping”. By no means did I mean stepping or doorknob!

  4. avatar bpace says:

    Eugene feel bad about about the harshness of the steeping comment. He thinks that it is just the sort of balderdash that the Commodore would say!

  5. avatar bpace says:

    He still wants Hunter to leave him alone. Hunter eats his boogers. Steam boogers, of course.

  6. avatar hcressall says:

    I logged in and rubbed my private parts all over Eugene’s profile.

    And by private I mean elbow. My elbow likes its privacy.

    • avatar bpace says:

      Yes, but given Hunter’s alien physiology, his elbow actually performs some unsavory functions. Farm animals have pictures of Hunter’s elbows with a red circle and line through them. Do not EVEN breach the subject of his knees!

  7. avatar Biscuits and Gravy says:

    We’d stop him, Eugene, if Hunter weren’t so demmed entertaining!

  8. avatar bpace says:

    And, I meant to say “steeping”. By no means did I mean “stepping” or “doorknob.” Did I just post this twice?

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