Hat Arrives as Fortune Cookie

Yep, I got in last night only to find that UPS had delivered The Commodore’s top hat using a steam roller. The result was amusing if unwearable. I’m hoping we can find some use for the thing as neither the company which shipped it nor UPS wants this one back.


It looks like an over-sized fortune cookie…

4 Responses to “Hat Arrives as Fortune Cookie”

  1. avatar dwoods says:

    What, I say what, have you done to my hat? I entrusted ONE piece of my ensemble to you, and you let this happen. I daresay that twas not the delivery company that did this, but a certain underfed Director who happens to be out of popcorn. Thank goodness Lady Victoria’s corset was delivered while you still had an ample supply of your favorite foodstuffs, or else the cast photo might of had a tad less…support.

  2. avatar Rae says:

    I still say you need to take that Green Screen backdrop and do something epic with it. 😉

    Maybe that hat could be the Commo’s stunt hat?

  3. avatar maskatron says:

    Egads! I’m glad a hat I ordered recently had the all important “HATS DO NOT CRUSH” sticker on it. Where’d y’all get it? so that I may avoid them in future 😀

  4. avatar Professor V. Alidus Faren says:

    I think it shows an amazing amount of care and attention on the part of the hat maker to have found a box that fit the exact shape of the Stunt Hat you ordered.

    Am I missing the point?


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