The Painful Birth Process

So I wanted a WordPress Blog about our film.

Little did I know “Easy to set up” and “Simple, intuitive interface” meant “basically you’ll need to learn a new web markup language with a strict, limited and unforgiving interface”. You can hear the joy in my voice.
SO this is the first awkward version of the Engines Of Destiny Blog and website. I promise reading will be easier than creating. I don’t want any more bodies on my hand than absolutely necessary.


11 Responses to “The Painful Birth Process”

  1. avatar obviousn says:

    I have a sandwich.

  2. avatar hcressall says:

    Not to mention that the avatar system is utterly hosed. Gravatar god blessem works fine but the avatar through WordPress is really embarrassing.

  3. avatar Arthur Hinds says:

    This is great stuff. Ill use it to start slowly tossing pebbles in the pond.

  4. avatar chuckstjohn says:

    Hello all! I met some of the folk working on this film. I volunteered my time as a lighting/photo geek of the professional variety. Please let me hear back from you guys. Love this project

    Chuck St John

  5. avatar chuckstjohn says:

    Hi again..did you get her contact info? Best way is to text or email. She’s not took keen on voicing it. Let me know if you have trouble

  6. My daughter has recently completed a full length screenplay for an ‘Animated Steampunk Musical’ and is looking for the ‘next Pixar’ group to do the animation! She has secured the voiceover talents of a Tony Award winning actor and 2 TV reality show personalities. Any interested parties (animation groups), please contact . In the meantime we will be watching this project with great interest! You guys don’t do animation, do you?? Nevermind.

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