Costuming for Period Films

I just want to say that the most intimidating part of this venture has been, for me, the costuming.  We have made ships fly in space, myself grow into a 50-foot tall giant, and a mech that can destroy a city, but costuming for an 1890-ish film is a major pain! Just something to consider when making YOUR next Steampunk movie. Also, having your Director of Photography eat your top hat because he thinks it’s a giant piece of popcorn does not make it any easier. Bad Hunter!

2 Responses to “Costuming for Period Films”

  1. avatar maskatron says:

    lol , yeah , sci-fi is so much easier to pull off , go to your local hardware store , buy some coveralls and BOOM! you’re a Spaceman! , but Victorian era / Jules Verne stuff so much more ornate and has to have a period look. Hard to run down to the thrift store and pick that up , and may even involve … gah! SEWING! , Either that or just find a local marching band and sneak up on them one by one and steal their uniforms 😀

  2. avatar OurLadyWar says:

    Haha! Give me that double-breasted jacket, you young so-and-so.

    I think I may resort to sewing if any other pieces are added to the costume, though Amazon and eBay have been remarkably helpful in slapping together an initial costume for the photoshoot. Steampunk Emporium was excellent, too, they really know how to take the sting out of shipping. 😉

    The most difficult part of the whole thing? My hat! I too am having hat difficulties. The hey!

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