7 Responses to “Kickstart Anyone?”

  1. avatar maskatron says:

    Just get some local product placement deals 😀 , Milo’s , Jack’s , Sneaky Pete’s , lol of course then the backers might change the title to “Junkyard Dog of Destiny” , but hey free craft services! 😀

  2. avatar hcressall says:

    Like I need another fifty pounds on me. Let’s go after exercise equipment companies!

    • avatar dwoods says:

      Yes, I have done much research on Kickstarter, and it seems like a solid way for us to make money for a change (get it, change is like another word for money and stuff). Anyway, once we get the project up and running on Kickstarter I’ll post a link and shamelessly beg you all for both your funds, and your contacts to other people who posses cash they want to trash…I mean invest a very promising Steampunk short. More to come…

  3. avatar Jack Quick says:

    I know lets have a show. That’s what Shirley Temple always did during her movies, and if it worked for adorable cute Shirley Temple why wouldn’t it work for David Woods?…uhm, can I get a do-over on this post.

  4. avatar hcressall says:

    But we don’t have a barn. Or a show. Or Mickey Rooney…

  5. avatar maskatron says:

    just build a Mickey Rooney out of some foamcore , no one will know the difference 😀 , or a robot Mickey Rooney that transforms into a barn!

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