Practical Lighting

Another angle of the lighting scheme

Another angle of the lighting scheme

I bought twelve fixtures for the office and wheelhouse sets. We had hoped to use flicker bulbs to simulate gas or candle light in them but alas, flicker bulbs are not what they used to be. I’ll be installing them tomorrow and uploading photos immediately afterwords.

5 Responses to “Practical Lighting”

  1. avatar hcressall says:

    I just wanted a larger version of my avatar to be visible.

  2. avatar maskatron says:

    Lovin the lighting , yeah the flicker bulbs would probably get annoying eventually anyways šŸ˜›

  3. How about letting me onto the set for some hi rez HD shots for future use???

  4. avatar dwoods says:

    I see no reason why this can’t happen. Our shots of choice are Wild Turkey and very cheap tasting vodka…or did you mean something else? Seriously, we are working on the wheelhouse set pretty much every Saturday, so if that works we can easily set something up, or if you’d rather visit during the week, Hunter lives close by and I will gladly volunteer him to escort you to the set. Iā€™m cool like that. Let us know what your preference is and we can set up the specifics of the shoot. Thanks!

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