It’s Sloss. It’s awesome. It’s “Sloss”ome. Also? No one on set came down with tetanus from running around ancient metal structures. That, right there, is already the mark of a good day. We had all been eyeing Sloss since a cold rehearsal day so many moons ago. I mean, c’mon, you run around with goggles and steam-anything on your person, all roads eventually lead to Sloss. So, we knew we’d get there eventually, and once we were there, not even the rain could stop us!


So, the gang headed to Sloss. On a cloudy, rainy weekend, we managed to eek out a pretty impressive shot with the jib, and then some! Fight choreography was to be had, and the steam rifles — aside from a previously successful test run — had their first day on set.




We also just messed around with our cameras and generated some pretty good shots! Much thanks to Jason — aka “Turk” — for making them look so gosh-derned purty.




We still have some work to do, but that’s okay, because it means another trip back to the factory. There could be worse things on the horizon. Such as… let’s see:

— One helluva fight which you can check out the beginnings of here: Fighting for the Steam Gun. Hopefully, someone will be maimed. Not enough to stop shooting, just enough that their discomfort will be delightful. Then again, that does defeat the purpose/definition of maimed. Moving on.

— A costume transition for Lady Victoria in a Steampunky bathroom of some kind. Closed set? With the internet around, there is no such thing. As our actress would say, “womp womp”.

— The possibility of irreparable face damage to Brian and/or Dave and/or Arthur and/or… well, you get the gist. See the first part. Something like this?

— Extras. So many Steampunk extras.

— Giant mechanical spider… just kidding.

— And don’t forget about the wheelhouse!

Actually, looking back over that? Looks like there’s nothing BUT good things on the horizon. Stick around for more adventure!