It’s Sloss. It’s awesome. It’s “Sloss”ome. Also? No one on set came down with tetanus from running around ancient metal structures. That, right there, is already the mark of a good day. We had all been eyeing Sloss since a cold rehearsal day so many moons ago. I mean, c’mon, you run around with goggles and steam-anything on your person, all roads eventually lead to Sloss. So, we knew we’d get there eventually, and once we were there, not even the rain could stop us!


So, the gang headed to Sloss. On a cloudy, rainy weekend, we managed to eek out a pretty impressive shot with the jib, and then some! Fight choreography was to be had, and the steam rifles — aside from a previously successful test run — had their first day on set.




We also just messed around with our cameras and generated some pretty good shots! Much thanks to Jason — aka “Turk” — for making them look so gosh-derned purty.




We still have some work to do, but that’s okay, because it means another trip back to the factory. There could be worse things on the horizon. Such as… let’s see:

— One helluva fight which you can check out the beginnings of here: Fighting for the Steam Gun. Hopefully, someone will be maimed. Not enough to stop shooting, just enough that their discomfort will be delightful. Then again, that does defeat the purpose/definition of maimed. Moving on.

— A costume transition for Lady Victoria in a Steampunky bathroom of some kind. Closed set? With the internet around, there is no such thing. As our actress would say, “womp womp”.

— The possibility of irreparable face damage to Brian and/or Dave and/or Arthur and/or… well, you get the gist. See the first part. Something like this?

— Extras. So many Steampunk extras.

— Giant mechanical spider… just kidding.

— And don’t forget about the wheelhouse!

Actually, looking back over that? Looks like there’s nothing BUT good things on the horizon. Stick around for more adventure!



Kick in the Pants

We are coming close to posting our Kickstarter. A few more “i”s to cross and “t”s to dot and we’ll be all set! Since we didn’t want to give away tooooooo much of what will be in the video, we decided to post this pic of our leading lady duck-facing for us in her interview.

Please to enjoy!



Wasn’t that… special?

Keep your eyes peeled for our Kickstarter. It won’t be hard, we’ll be pimping the ever loving steam out of it soon enough. Just sayin’.

Steampunk Chronicle Interview

During our visit to ChattaCon, we had the awesome opportunity to sit down with Emilie Bush from Steampunk Chronicle to discuss the state of the film, and other bits that make the project what it is. We cover everything we can, and all from one tiny couch.

Please, enjoy!


ChattaCon and then some

We are proud to say that despite the silence? We are hard at work. Unfortunately, no one has killed one another yet, making the set a relatively fun and creative environment instead of a much more entertaining Battle Royale of gossip, intrigue, and murder.

On that note, updates!

We recently stopped by ChattaCon for some film promotions, and to connect with our DigiTribe neighbors in ATL. We had a bit of a schedule mix-up, which resulted in the gang posting panel posters whilst in a beer-induced state. Well, all but Hunter. He was the designated… whatever the designated version of that would be.

Lisa, then, promptly turned into a zombie and ate Dave's brains.


This, however, did not hinder our panel. Arthur emerged in full Professor M regalia, and Hunter spoke at length with some excellent cabin footage in tow. We later met up with Emilie Bush from Steampunk Chronicle for an interview on the state of the film, and whatever else manifested in our frontal lobes at that moment. We were all crammed on one couch, and now Hunter is pregnant, we just don’t know by whom.

Our guess is Arthur.

Before such a weekend, we squared our heroes off against a larger than life foe. Re-entering a familiar studio space was excellent. The intricacies of a fight sequence can be demanding, but the pay-off is getting to see the fight scene unfold, the likes of which a lot of us on EoD fell in love with when we were little and in awe of how Indiana Jones was going to get out of his latest mess.

This would not be the way.

And even before that, we converted our friend Chuck‘s studio apartment into the Professor’s lab. There is location shooting, and then there is set building. Since we are working out-of-pocket for this film, we were delightfully surprised to find that building the set saved us more money than if we had shot on location at Sloss Furnaces. If you have the means, if you have the tools, and if you have the space? Build the set. This has worked for us time and time again.

We do still plan on shooting within the rusty bowls of the furnace, but more on that later.

More to come down the road!


What We’ve Been Up To…

An independent film-maker’s work is never done. No, really, it’s never done, because pre-production eventually bleeds into shooting, and once shooting wraps, there’s all kinds of editing and more layers within that than Inception would know what to do with.

But EoD has been going through a lot.

The first cabin sequence has been shot out.

It may look like a sunny day turned wrong, but it is in fact way past everyone's bedtime as we shoot night for day in this first sequence.

Followed by the second, shot within the confines of Hunter’s basement.

Editing and post-production on the first sequence has only a little fine-tuning left before we have our hand at Kickstarter, which if you haven’t gathered from previous posts could be, in a word, nightmarish.

But also full of beer nuts, so not so bad.

The most recent shoot had the team back in Phil’s basement, tackling the office scene.


At the end of the day we all agree that Thai‘s new look could not get better than this:

Too. True.

More updates coming!

The Cabin

In an effort to further assimilate Phil’s backyard into the SteamBorg, I mean, Steampunk set, we decided to forgo further location scouting by building our own cabin getaway.


Don’t worry. They’re just getting into character.

A New Gallery Page

Steam Pistol Pictures

I added pictures of the powerful new Steam ‘Phaser’.

You can find images here. Of jump to the gallery page for the Steam Pistol.

Either one. I don’t care.

Steampunk Defined

  In order to help those who have not yet experienced the joy and wonder that is the Steampunk genre (of which our film is heavily influenced to say the least), I have added a primer entitled “What is Steampunk, Anyway?” to the Menu options over on the right side of the screen. We may add more, or change it heavily as we progress, but for now it is a good start. Read, and enjoy!

More Pictures!

Our good friend Chuck St. John has sent in a new batch of photographs. I was able, with some minor phone coaching from Hunter, to create a new section under Gallery called Cast Photographs. Check them out!

New Hat On Its Way

After frenzied negotiations with Amazon, UPS and Doug’s Rugs N Stuff (who is a really, really nice guy) a new hat is en route. When it will arrive, I cannot say. All I can say is that Doug is worth repeat business because he was willing to just ship a new hat never having been reimbursed for the original hat. UPS has been unusually silent on the matter of the chapeau massacre. Suffice to say that Doug came through, he is shipping the new topper right now and you could all do him a favor by checking out his wears:



Mustaches…well that’s another story.

Something New!

Steampunk. Steam, and Punk. Perhaps…scheme, and funk. Schemefunk! There! Now I created a new subject for what will amount to be another black hole for Hunter Cressall’s time! Your welcome, Hunter!

Facebook Fight

So, I decided that we were finally going to set up a Facebook page for the movie. I am one of maybe three humans who do not have a Facebook page, so I went in blind, but full of pep. Needless to say, we now have a Facebook page (Engines of Destiny, shocker), and I am angry, bitter, and pep-free. Thanks to Jason Wood, Hunter, Brian and Rachel Kemp-Marshall-Biscuit for their assistance. WIthout them, I would still be angry and bitter, and pep free, we just wouldn’t have a Facebook page.

Hat Arrives as Fortune Cookie

Yep, I got in last night only to find that UPS had delivered The Commodore’s top hat using a steam roller. The result was amusing if unwearable. I’m hoping we can find some use for the thing as neither the company which shipped it nor UPS wants this one back.


It looks like an over-sized fortune cookie…

First Cast Photo of Engines Of Destiny

The cast of Engines Of Destiny

Our crew aboard the Chimera.

From the left, Rachel Marshall (Lady Victoria), Brian Pace (TR), David Woods (The Commodore) and Arthur Hinds (Professor Deter Metz).


Photo and comp work lovingly provided by Chuck St John, photographer and adventurer.


We’ll be updating the cast photos and wardrobe tests as they emerge. We are VERY close to shooting this beast.

Costuming for Period Films

I just want to say that the most intimidating part of this venture has been, for me, the costuming.  We have made ships fly in space, myself grow into a 50-foot tall giant, and a mech that can destroy a city, but costuming for an 1890-ish film is a major pain! Just something to consider when making YOUR next Steampunk movie. Also, having your Director of Photography eat your top hat because he thinks it’s a giant piece of popcorn does not make it any easier. Bad Hunter!

Kickstart Anyone?

KickstarterWe are looking into a Kickstarter account. The very capable David Woods is going to handle the dangerous details. Brian and I will provide the moral support. We may even provide beer nuts. What, after all, is a party without beer nuts?

At Least I Tried

Hunter asked me to post something on the website, as he has posted much, but his posts are quite boring. This is me posting something unique and exciting. I’m a freaking accountant for God’s sake. Whatdayawant?

Weapons Of Mass Distraction

Steam Rifle

Basic steam rifle concept

Four rifles at attention

Four rifles at attention

I’m building the four steam rifles today.

They are supposed to be repeating ball-shot steam rifles with pressurized
backpacks. I was more than a little inspired by The Last Exile but the end result may be more reminiscent of Ghostbusters. Still, here is the basic plan I am working from. We lucked out by finding some recessed lighting fixtures that will make building the entire thing much easier. Still, as I have four identical units to produce, this will be quite a job.



Practical Lighting

Another angle of the lighting scheme

Another angle of the lighting scheme

I bought twelve fixtures for the office and wheelhouse sets. We had hoped to use flicker bulbs to simulate gas or candle light in them but alas, flicker bulbs are not what they used to be. I’ll be installing them tomorrow and uploading photos immediately afterwords.

OK So my WordPress Skills are Lacking

But I’m learning. I’ve already posted three versions of the script and added two photo galleries for you to puruse. I’m going to slowly add everything I’ve put on either Facebook or Steampunk Empire so hopefully, there will be a tone of stuff to make fun of soon.

Until the film is finished at any rate.

So here it is. If you have any comments or suggestions, let me know. God knows I can use them. Right now I have to run get more Diet Code Red and cereal. We all have our vices. Mine just come in convenient packages from Walmart.

The Painful Birth Process

So I wanted a WordPress Blog about our film.

Little did I know “Easy to set up” and “Simple, intuitive interface” meant “basically you’ll need to learn a new web markup language with a strict, limited and unforgiving interface”. You can hear the joy in my voice.
SO this is the first awkward version of the Engines Of Destiny Blog and website. I promise reading will be easier than creating. I don’t want any more bodies on my hand than absolutely necessary.